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It’s a ?????: Gender Prediction Quiz April 6, 2012

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In honor of our anatomy ultrasound tomorrow, I did a bit of research on less “scientific” methods of gender prediction.  I came up with a list of 30 indicators for gender.  Take the quiz if you’re expecting (or try to remember from a previous pregnancy) and check out the key at the bottom to find out if your baby’s wardrobe will be pink or blue!


1. Take a needle or wedding band and tie it to a thread. Hold it over your belly while you are lying down. Did the needle or the band swing in a circular motion or back and forth?

A. Circular

B. Back and Forth


2. Do you feel more attractive or less attractive as a pregnant lady?

A. More

B. Less


3. Is your hair more full of body or thinner and stringy?

A. Thinner and stringier

B. Shiny and fullbodied


4. Is the hair on your legs growing faster or the same as before you were pregnant?

A. faster

B. same


5. Are your nails growing faster and stronger since you got pregnant or the same?

A. faster and stronger

B. same as before


6. Have you had a lot of morning sickness or do you feel like it missed you?

A. A lot

B. Missed it


7. Is your butt getting bigger?

A. Yes

B. No


8. Do your feet seem colder more often now than before you were pregnant?

A. Yes

B. No


9. Is the baby’s heartbeat slower or faster?

A. 139 or below

B. 140 or higher


10. Do you crave orange juice more now than before being pregnant?

A. Yes

B. No


11. Are you carrying the baby high or low?

A. High

B. Low


12. Are you carrying out front or wide?

A. out front

B. wide


13. Does your belly seem more like a watermelon or like a beach ball?

A. watermelon

B. beach ball


14. Does the baby kick more to the right or the left?

A. Left

B. Right


15. Does the baby kick more high in the ribs or low in the stomach?

A. High

B. Low


16. Is Daddy gaining sympathy weight?

A. Yes

B. No


17. Can you see weight gain in your face?

A. Yes

B. No


18. Was your age at conception and even number or an odd number?  How about the calendar year?   (Mayan legend)

A. Both even or both odd

B. One even and one odd


19. Drop a key on the ground and pick it up. Which end did you grab?

A. Narrow end

B. Round end


20. Do you have more acne now than before being pregnant?

A. More

B. Same


21. Have your areolas darkened considerably?

A. Yes

B. No


22. Which way does your pillow face when you sleep?

A. North

B. South


23. Is your urine a dull or a bright yellow?

A. Dull

B. Bright


24. Are your breasts much bigger with pregnancy?

A. Yes

B. No

25. Are you moodier now than before pregnancy?

A. Yes

B. No


26. Do you eat the heel of a loaf of bread?

A. Yes

B. No


27. What color is your mother’s hair?

A. Gray

B. Not gray (natural or dyed)


28. Show your hands to someone.  Did you show them

A. Palms down

B. Palms up


29. Does garlic seem to stick with you more now that you are pregnant?

A. Yes

B. No


30. Check out this Chinese chart based on age at conception and month of conception to determine the sex.



1. A=girl, B=boy

2. A=boy, B=girl

3. A=girl, B=boy

4. A=boy, B=girl

5. A=boy, B=girl

6. A=girl, B=boy

7. A=girl, B=boy

8. A=boy, B=girl

9. A=boy, B=girl

10. A=girl, B=boy

11. A=girl, B=boy

12. A=boy, B=girl

13. A=girl, B=boy

14. A=girl, B=boy

15. A=boy, B=girl

16. A=boy, B=girl

17. A=girl, B=boy

18. A=girl, B=boy

19. A=boy, B=girl

20. A=girl, B=boy

21. A=boy, B=girl

22. A=boy, B=girl

23. A=girl, B=boy

24. A=girl, B=boy

25.A=girl, B=boy

26. A=boy, B=girl

27. A=boy, B=girl

28.A=boy, B=girl

29. A=boy, B=girl

30. Check chart


I had 17 answers for girl and 13 answers for boy.  That’s a pretty close call.  We’ll find out tomorrow!


How about you?  What were your results?  Were they right? Have you heard of any other indicators?



One Response to “It’s a ?????: Gender Prediction Quiz”

  1. Dianne Pfouts Says:

    ok. here’s my results for when I was pregnant with Bethany. (she’s all girl) …Boy: 11; Girl: 15; Both: 4. Not sure what my predictions would have been…at that time.


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